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ScanToEmail is a twain application with e-mail integration. The application allows you to use your scanner to scan documents, images, or whatever fits in your scanner and send these scans to e-mail contacts easily. For that purpose, the application takes a simple approach and only includes two main buttons: Scan and Send.

The first step to set this application up is to add a scanner. Entering the File menu, one can choose the available devices. I have discovered that some webcams are detected too and can be used with ScanToEmail, so you can also use your webcam to send images via e-mail to your contacts. Once an image is taken or a document is scanned, all you need to do is hit the Send button. The first time you access this feature, ScanToEmail will prompt you to configure your e-mail account in your default mail application. In my case, it was Windows Mail. Once that one-time step is completed, you will be shown a new mail window. That window will allow you to add contacts in the recipient field and the file or files that you selected will be added as attachments. If you hit "send", the file will be delivered.

José Fernández
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  • Supports some webcams
  • It is definitely an easy way of sending documents via e-mail


  • It is not quite cheap
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